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With a subscription to People Topics, you get access to an incredible wealth of knowledge from the best-in-class experts in People, Talent, Equity, and Culture.

Every piece of content, template, guide, and workshop is original and created through years of experience and research at some of the most successful companies out there. 

In addition, People Topics subscribers enjoy a discounted price on all our partners' consulting offers. 

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Spela and Tamas from

As equity architects behind many growth companies, they’ve witnessed the power of collective ownership.

They now specialise in creating, implementing, and auditing ESOP schemes across Europe.

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Alfiya from


MintTalents is your go-to place for connecting with top tech talents, wherever they come from. The platform allows you to source candidates, post jobs, and obtain Swiss work permits. Broaden your candidate pool to build exceptional tech teams with MintTalents.

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Adam from


Open Org's mission is to rebuild trust by bringing transparency to the world of work. 

They run People Leader cohorts to help companies become more transparent employers and act as an official verifier of transparency in these workplaces with the Open Org accreditation.

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Alice and Jack from


Having worked with countless new-to-work employees over our careers we saw the common, but easily rectifiable mistakes that these employees made.
This not only negatively impacted the business, but also hurt the confidence of promising talent early in their careers. That’s why they created Kokoon, a talent incubator for early professionals.

With Kokoon, they run different training programs focused on key soft skills such as communication, or time management. 

Glenda PF_edited.jpg

Glenda from


People First's mission is to supercharge people through the development of their unique human skills. 

They combine the expertise of coaches and the power of technology to enhance human capabilities, help people feeling fulfilled in their jobs and future-proofing their career.

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